Shinta Mani Resort

Shinta Mani Resort

Let’s start of with the Shinta Mani Resort, the first hotel where Jamie got lucky.

First of all it’s a beautiful hotel, with a great swimming pool and room surrounding it. The staff are excellent, and very patiently, especially with Jamie when he tries to make a fool out of himself on the first day.

It’s a bit of a family hotel but many singles and young couples can be found. They are mainly from all over the world but the US, North of Europe and Asia topped it with visitor counts.

Jamie of course likes swimming (the guy is our regional swimming champion), and wanted to impress two ladies who were lying at the sun beds.

He was doing his famous blobflip into the water and immediately holding his breath and swimming to other end of the water. Not knowing that the water was kind of stinging to the eyes (for a first dive) he bumped his head immediately against the wall. BUMP, you could hear it out and loud. Anyway he came above water, rubbing his head and two girls couldn’t hold their laughs. The whole week we were there he had one big egg on his for head. But..the girls did go out with us to explore the area!

We give this hotel 5 out of 5 stars!

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by Matt